Back To School !

By: The Same Day People
03 September 2019

Need a Same Day Courier?

After a long 6 weeks most people will be aware and certainly parents will be that children are back in school during this week and next.

The roads have been clear of the school traffic for the last 6 weeks and now they are back this will present problems on the roads and increased congestion which can affect the services you receive from your same day courier provider e.g. arrival and delivery times, routes taken etc.

There is an estimated 32,000 schools in the UK nationwide , so any professional courier provider will have already taken these issues into consideration for their clients knowing the level of traffic what can ensue.

If you are using same day couriers in Manchester, London, Liverpool or Birmingham , as these cities are in the most populated areas within the UK extra consideration should be taken when using same day couriers in these areas.

Further more pedestrian traffic increases with this and this is another factor drivers and courier providers have to be aware of.

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