Brexit: The Effects For Transport & Logisitics

By: The Same Day People
19 September 2019

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The majority of the population in the UK will be more than aware of the political discussions surrounding Brexit and the deadline being set at 31st October 2019.

Anybody who is involved in transport & logistics in or out of Europe will be more than aware of the problems that are most certainly going to ensue.

Some courier providers may stop furnishing the EU altogether, due to the shear volume of paperwork and majorly increased waiting times when crossing borders affecting both collection and delivery times , these things are inevitable.

We at The Same Day People Ltd are ready to tackle this situation head on whatever the outcome may be !

There certainly will be some issues but nothing we will not be able to handle, there are a few things anyone should bear in mind when using courier services in this capacity and at this time:

* Allow and prepare for flexibility in relation to collection and delivery times.

* If it is extremely time sensitive book in advance and most certainly choose a reputable provider.

* Confirm with your points of contacts as soon as possible if any changes happen with regards to your expected collection and delivery times.

Providing you take the above into consideration you should not experience any dramatic issues using courier services in or out of the EU.

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