Congestion & Couriers

By: The Same Day People
07 January 2020

Need a Same Day Courier?

Make no mistake about it when it comes down to congestion and same day couriers they are certainly not the best of friends !

Not planning the correct route when travelling through congested cities as a courier can be the difference between being punctual or quite the opposite.

Below are the top ten most congested cities in the UK :

10) Coventry – Estimated travel times can increase by 29% than normal, this is why choosing a Coventry same day courier provider can be crucial for a successful collection and delivery.

9) Leicester – Estimated travel times can increase by 30% than normal, same day couriers in Leicester will be all too familiar with this issue.

8) Manchester – Estimated travel times can increase by 32% than normal, The city has a vast selection of same day couriers servicing the area and selecting the correct one can be a tricky decision.

7) Bristol – Estimated travel times can increase by 32% than normal, the city has very similar issues as Manchester when selecting a same day courier in Bristol.

6) Brighton – Estimated travel times can increase by 34% than normal, Brighton based couriers will have planned routes to combat this.

5) Belfast – Estimated travel times can increase by 34% than normal, most couriers servicing Belfast and its surrounding areas will be aware of the ever changing traffic conditions in and around the region.

4) Hull – Estimated travel times can increase by 34% than normal, the city and its surrounding areas can be tricky to commute around for any Hull couriers.

3) Bournemouth – As with our last 3 cities , Estimated travel times can increase by 34%.

2) London – Surprisingly most readers would have expected the capital to be at the number 1 spot , Travel times through the capital can increase by a staggering 37%.So if your journey was set to take 1 hour it can actually take 1 hour and 37 minutes!Any one with time critical packages should take their choice of London same day couriers very seriously.

1) Edinburgh – Its the capital of Scotland that shockingly takes the number 1 spot for expected increase in travel times by an eye-watering 40%. Couriers based in the city will be aware of these issues and will have planned routes in place to ensure timely deliveries are made to their customer’s requirements.

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