Courier Not Arrived On Time ?

By: The Same Day People
17 October 2019

Need a Same Day Courier?

On occasion when using same day couriers , you may have experienced your courier not arriving at the requested time.

In certain situations this can cause problems especially when dealing with time sensitive or time critical deliveries, despite this there is unforeseen circumstances that can cause your courier to not arrive on time , if this was a regular occurrence then it may be down to your current same day courier provider.

Below are a few plausible examples as to why your courier may be late for their collection:

* Congestion Or Traffic Collision On Their Route
When you book a courier , the provider will allocate the most cost efficient route for your journey to be able to make it cost less for you, if there has been any of the above mentioned happen on this route then naturally this can change the couriers expected arrival time , if there has been a serious collision then this can add hours to their arrival time !

* Stopped By Road Traffic Authorities
Vehicles that operate off diesel fuel can be subject to being stopped by the DSA (formerly VOSA).
They test fuel tanks to ensure that they are being operating on the correct fuel and not tax exempt fuels which are mainly used for agricultural purposes.
This can typically add 30 minutes to 1 hour on a couriers arrival time.

* Vehicle Damage Or Malfunction
If you have requested a particular vehicle , for e.g. a Luton with a tail lift and the drivers tail lift is damaged on their previous job naturally that particular driver would be unable to collect for you.
This situation can present itself in many forms which can range from a simple blown out or flat tyre to a vehicle that has completely stopped working all together !

In the above instances the provider would choose the next available vehicle closest to you to diminish as much of the potential added time as possible.

To avoid any frustration when using same day couriers either domestically or commercially then the above should definitely be taken into consideration.

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