COVID-19 Test Kits – Getting Your Test Kit Where it Needs To Be

By: The Same Day People
11 August 2020

Need a Same Day Courier?

Since the outbreak we have had a large influx of same day courier enquiries with regards to delivering test kits relating to COVID-19.

It is with upmost importance that they arrive where they need to be in a timely and punctual fashion, they have to arrive at the testing laboratory in a certain time scale ,usually 24-48 hours of the test being completed.

Our team of same day couriers are all too familiar with this type of delivery , as we already support businesses who provide testing services on a commercial scale. We have the infrastructure in place to ensure the time frames are met time and time again.

There are certain measures we put in place to ensure this is the case and that no delivery is made out of the required time scale, the main pointer being the fact we only use dedicated vehicles for such a service, this eradicates any possibility of late arrival and the test sample being contaminated.

Contamination of the test sample can cause the results to come back incorrect which can cause mass amounts of distress or concern to the tested party.

At The Same Day People , we are overly familiar with medical deliveries as we already furnish the sector with medical courier services for our NHS and other medical service providers.

A large portion of our customers have mentioned other providers refusing to collect such consignments , however with the relevant precautions in place , the transportation of such samples is 100% safe.

The test provider use levels of security we could not comprehend to the naked eye , the test sample sits in a pharmaceutical fluid which will kill any form of bacteria if the sample and fluid was exposed to each other at any point , not only would this scenario render the sample useless but prevent any cross contamination to our drivers.

If you are in need of this service and have been struggling to find a willing provider then you have come to the right place , our experienced medical couriers will put your mind at ease and most importantly deliver your test on time !

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