Fuel Prices & Same Day Couriers

same day couriers
By: The Same Day People
01 July 2022

Need a Same Day Courier?

The fuel prices in the UK have been rising and rising week on week , as petrol stations have been hit with supply chain issues and rising costs themselves it can only mean one thing for the end user, more expensive fuel !

The prices have risen to nearly £2 per litre and in some places exceeded that ! , petrol stations who have been able to afford the luxury of selling their fuel cheaper have been bombarded with an influx of customers from all over the UK in search for cheaper fuel

For courier drivers themselves this goes hand in hand with how they make their living and pay their bills so is something they will take extra note of

For people who use same day couriers on a regular basis they will have noticed an increased cost in the amount they are being charged for their courier service

Unfortunately this is something that can not be avoided in this current climate as not only does the service provided need to be cost effective for the customer it also has to be cost effective for the same day courier provider as well

Some people will blame the rise on the continuing conflict with Russia & Ukraine , which in some part will be true but there will most certainly be other counting factors to take into consideration

At The Same Day People we strive to keep our same day courier costs the most effective in the industry by providing live quotations for the service you need at the time you need it ( naturally the closer the driver is the cheaper it is ) offering a price match or better guarantee on any genuine same day courier quote you receive !

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