How The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Will Impact Same Day Couriers

By: The Same Day People
01 March 2022

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As the world stands together with Ukraine in these uncertain times , the impact of Russia’s invasion of the country will have an enormous global impact economically , domestically and more so commercially across all borders.

Nothing will be able to compare to the effect this will be having on the Ukrainian people naturally , but nevertheless the impact will be felt across the globe.

Russia is a large exporter of fuel and natural gas , with the EU sanctions in place regarding their activities in the western part of the world the Russian government will have return sanctions for the western side of the world also.

Energy costs and fuel costs will surge until our governments find alternate suppliers for them which are not based in the eastern side of the world.

Making deliveries into neighbouring countries in Europe may prove problematic when using same day couriers as the security on countries boarders will be tightened.

For those of you who regularly use same day courier services please bare in mind there will be a slight price increase due to this but this will be something that will more than likely be a short term issue.

Nobody appreciates any form of price increase however this will pale in insignificance to what the Ukrainian people are currently going through.

We hope this saga soon comes to an end , the world has had enough hardships with the COVID-19 pandemic…..

The Same Day People Team

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