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Exhibition & Events Management Couriers

Exhibition & Events Management Couriers

When it comes down to courier services in the exhibition and event management sectors, punctuality and professionalism are a must. ​ At The Same Day People we understand the importance of time sensitive and critical scenarios, this can be the difference between success and failure. ​ We are very well versed in this fie

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Congestion & Couriers

Congestion & Couriers

Make no mistake about it when it comes down to congestion and same day couriers they are certainly not the best of friends ! Not planning the correct route when travelling through congested cities as a courier can be the difference between being punctual or quite the opposite. Below are the top ten most congested citie

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Christmas !

Christmas !

Christmas is round the corner and as most people know it can be a very busy and stressful time of year for all involved. Many people scramble around last minute frantically searching for that gift for your loved one who lives 200 mile away or in some cases if you will not be with them over the festive period. You could

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Courier Not Arrived On Time ?

Courier Not Arrived On Time ?

On occasion when using same day couriers , you may have experienced your courier not arriving at the requested time. In certain situations this can cause problems especially when dealing with time sensitive or time critical deliveries, despite this there is unforeseen circumstances that can cause your courier to not ar

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