Same Day Courier Birmingham: Clean Air Zone, What This Means For Transit Costs In Birmingham

Same Day Courier Birmingham
By: The Same Day People
22 June 2021

Need a Same Day Courier?

As many locals may already be aware the “Clean Air Zone” in Birmingham went live on 01/07/2021.

The zone is essentially an area within Birmingham where you will be charged for travelling through or into.

The charges currently stand at £8 per day for cars, taxi and LGVs or £50 a day for coaches, buses and HGVs.

Moving forward when using Birmingham same day courier services , there will be an increase in the normal transit costs you are used to.

Same day couriers who operate in Birmingham will have to take this into consideration when providing costings for their services, this is something we have already experienced with same day courier services in London with the ULEZ and congestion charges.

In the future we may see these types of charges be introduced into some of the other larger cities where our same day couriers operate such as : Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham just to name a few.

At The Same Day People , we always try to provide the most cost effective same day courier solution for your needs , when applicable we will try and locate drivers who have already paid these charges to pass on the saving to you , naturally in some cases this will be unavoidable.

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