Same Day Courier Vs Normal Courier , Whats The Difference ?

By: The Same Day People
12 August 2019

Need a Same Day Courier?

Often we are asked “What is the difference between a same day courier and normal courier ? “

Well there is certainly a vast number of differences to say the least and this can differ dependant on what areas the collection and delivery are taking place.

Same Day Couriers Manchester have to take into consideration the fact the city is a thriving business hub which presents its own magnitude of domestic and commercial traffic.

Same Day Couriers London are commuting through the busiest city in the UK , the sheer level of tourism alone can present its own problems when travelling through the city.

Below we are going to list the two major differences between a same day courier and normal courier, which should help when deciding which type of service would best suit your needs:

* A typical courier will have multiple consignments on board their vehicle with multiple deliveries to complete , a same day courier would have no other consignments on board at the point of collection and would not receive another load until yours was delivered.

* Average courier providers will have depots/warehouses where consignments can be stored in certain circumstances e.g. failed delivery , not enough time to deliver etc, a same day courier provider would ensure delivery is made by contacting the relevant parties to collection or delivery.

(upon request and in certain circumstances they may store your consignment in their vehicle) As we are aware and most will have heard at some point the number of lost consignments that are reported to major courier providers each year , this is normally due to them being lost in storage (warehouse or depot), or due to the sub standard service they provide.

To use a same day courier would not only ensure none of the above would happen but also give you piece of mind that delivery is guaranteed the same day.

Same Day Couriers Manchester and Same Day Couriers London are one of the most used courier services within the cities due to the above mentioned reasons.

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