Same Day Couriers London : ULEZ & Congestion Charge Are Back

By: The Same Day People
03 June 2020

Need a Same Day Courier?

Anybody using same day courier services in London will have noticed a reduction in usual transit costs due to the ULEZ and congestion charge being lifted by TFL to enable logistics to move more freely during the outbreak.

This has since been reinstated which will cause transit costs to rise/return to normal from costs what will have been presented over the last few months.

When using couriers in London , the traffic must be taken into consideration when estimating transit times as people begin to return to work this has been covered in detail in our previous article “Traffic Returns : How This Will Affect Same Day Courier Services”.

People who use London couriers on a frequent basis will understand the change in costings as this will be something they have experienced before the outbreak began.

Courier services who operate in London will be sure to explain the rise in costings in great detail to their customers to avoid any disappointment when providing transit costs ,

We operate our same day courier services in London and the surrounding areas , as many people will know certain areas are not subject to ULEZ and congestion charges.

If you are in need of a courier in London and are not sure of the ULEZ and congestion zones please do not hesitate to get in touch we are more than happy to help!

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