Transit Times For Same Day Couriers : How The Lockdown Lifting Has Impacted This

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By: The Same Day People
06 September 2021

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The world has returned to some type of normal after the pandemic , resulting in a massive increase in traffic on the roads.

Transit times for same day couriers has been impacted massively due to this and anybody using same day couriers during the lockdown will have noticed a massive increase in their transit times across the board.

This can be ever more noticeable when using same day couriers in larger areas such as : Manchester , London , Liverpool, Birmingham just to name a few.

Due to the increase in traffic a lot of problems can ensue when using our same day courier services from simple congestion to a serious road traffic incident on the route bringing traffic to a stand still.

This is something that is “force majeure” and is not directly a result of the service being provided to you from your same day courier provider and is something you should take into consideration when booking your same day courier.

At The Same Day People our drivers have extensive knowledge of their local areas and further afield, this is imperative for our same day courier operations as when presented with a problem our couriers will know which alternate routes are available to them to minimise any potential increases in their transit times.

On many of occasion our drivers have had to use alternate routes due to the above when delivering for some of the most reputable businesses/organisations in the UK and beyond, dependant on the load it can be of extreme importance to have the load delivered as quickly as traffic allows.

Whenever using same day couriers you should always be aware of the above and prepare for these possibilities before booking your chosen service.

Often we hear of customers being disgruntled when using other providers due to their lack of local knowledge of the area and being promised a service they could not deliver.

When using our same day courier services we will manage all of our customers expectations accordingly , as we do believe that honesty is the best policy !

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